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I've decided to post site updates to LiveJournal, instead of randomly updating this page -- this was never really meant to be a news page, anyway -- and I'd never be able to supply the public with anything like an RSS feed. LiveJournal seems, at least for now, to be an adequate solution, since it's easy to keep track of the individual entries. Plus, anyone on LiveJournal will be able to watch updates as they come in.

Other Stuff

9-2003 Sandstorm Prerelease Tourny
This site's very first (and last) tournament report!

Counterfeit Cards--a personal experience
Altered Card Illustrations. Hong Kong, go figure.

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Xander, Cooper, and Olivia for letting me scan their cards over the years.

Rob Larrabee for giving me an awesome deal on his surplus cards.

J-chan in California for being an awesome friend over all these years and helping fill in the holes in my collection! ^_^

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