EX: Magma and Aqua

Card Scans

97/97 TOTAL
12/12 holos
11/11 rares
30/30 uncommons
32/32 commons
 3/3 energy
 7/7 ex
 2/2 secret
• card number (out of 100)
• rarity (H=Holo, R=Rare, U=Uncommon, C=Common)
• card name
• card ID, for those nine cards who have an ID
• card element (G=Grass, R=Fire, W=Water, L=Lightning,
P=Psychic, F=Fighting, C=Colorless, D=Darkness, M=Metal)
• card scan, if any
01/95 (H) T. Aq's Cacturne          (G)  01.jpg
02/95 (H) T. Aq's Crawdaunt         (W)  02.jpg
03/95 (H) T. Aq's Kyogre            (W)  03.jpg
04/95 (H) T. Aq's Manectric         (L)  04.jpg
05/95 (H) T. Aq's Sharpedo          (W)  05.jpg
06/95 (H) T. Aq's Walrein           (W)  06.jpg
07/95 (H) T. Mg's Aggron            (F)  07.jpg
08/95 (H) T. Mg's Claydol           (P)  08.jpg
09/95 (H) T. Mg's Groudon           (F)  09.jpg
10/95 (H) T. Mg's Houndoom          (R)  10.jpg
11/95 (H) T. Mg's Rhydon            (F)  11.jpg
12/95 (H) T. Mg's Torkoal           (R)  12.jpg
13/95 (R) Raichu               M70  (L)  13.jpg
14/95 (R) T. Aq's Crawdaunt         (W)  14.jpg
15/95 (R) T. Aq's Mightyena         (D)  15.jpg
16/95 (R) T. Aq's Sealeo            (W)  16.jpg
17/95 (R) T. Aq's Seviper           (G)  17.jpg
18/95 (R) T. Aq's Sharpedo          (W)  18.jpg
19/95 (R) T. Mg's Camerupt          (R)  19.jpg
20/95 (R) T. Mg's Lairon            (F)  20.jpg
21/95 (R) T. Mg's Mightyena         (D)  21.jpg
22/95 (R) T. Mg's Rhydon            (F)  22.jpg
23/95 (R) T. Mg's Zangoose          (C)  23.jpg
24/95 (U) T. Aq's Cacnea            (G)  24.jpg
25/95 (U) T. Aq's Carvanha          (W)  25.jpg
26/95 (U) T. Aq's Corphish          (W)  26.jpg
27/95 (U) T. Aq's Electrike         (L)  27.jpg
28/95 (U) T. Aq's Lanturn           (L)  28.jpg
29/95 (U) T. Aq's Manectric         (L)  29.jpg
30/95 (U) T. Aq's Mightyena         (D)  30.jpg
31/95 (U) T. Aq's Sealeo            (W)  31.jpg
32/95 (U) T. Mg's Baltoy            (P)  32.jpg
33/95 (U) T. Mg's Claydol           (F)  33.jpg
34/95 (U) T. Mg's Houndoom          (R)  34.jpg
35/95 (U) T. Mg's Houndour          (R)  35.jpg
36/95 (U) T. Mg's Lairon            (F)  36.jpg
37/95 (U) T. Mg's Mightyena         (D)  37.jpg
38/95 (U) T. Mg's Rhyhorn           (F)  38.jpg
39/95 (C) Bulbasaur           M01#  (G)  39.jpg
40/95 (C) Cubone              M16#  (F)  40.jpg
41/95 (C) Jigglypuff          M23#  (C)  41.jpg
42/95 (C) Meowth              M24#  (C)  42.jpg
43/95 (C) Pikachu             M11#  (L)  43.jpg
44/95 (C) Psyduck             M04#  (W)  44.jpg
45/95 (C) Slowpoke            M15#  (P)  45.jpg
46/95 (C) Squirtle            M03#  (W)  46.jpg
47/95 (C) T.Aq's Carvanha           (W)  47.jpg
48/95 (C) T.Aq's Carvanha           (W)  48.jpg
49/95 (C) T.Aq's Chinchou           (L)  49.jpg
50/95 (C) T.Aq's Corphish           (W)  50.jpg
51/95 (C) T.Aq's Corphish           (W)  51.jpg
52/95 (C) T.Aq's Electrike          (L)  52.jpg
53/95 (C) T.Aq's Electrike          (L)  53.jpg
54/95 (C) T.Aq's Poochyena          (D)  54.jpg
55/95 (C) T.Aq's Poochyena          (D)  55.jpg
56/95 (C) T.Aq's Spheal             (W)  56.jpg
57/95 (C) T.Aq's Spheal             (W)  57.jpg
58/95 (C) T.Mg's Aron               (F)  58.jpg
59/95 (C) T.Mg's Aron               (F)  59.jpg
60/95 (C) T.Mg's Baltoy             (F)  60.jpg
61/95 (C) T.Mg's Baltoy             (F)  61.jpg
62/95 (C) T.Mg's Houndour           (R)  62.jpg
63/95 (C) T.Mg's Houndour           (R)  63.jpg
64/95 (C) T.Mg's Numel              (R)  64.jpg
65/95 (C) T.Mg's Poochyena          (D)  65.jpg
66/95 (C) T.Mg's Poochyena          (D)  66.jpg
67/95 (C) T.Mg's Rhyhorn            (F)  67.jpg
68/95 (C) T.Mg's Rhyhogn            (F)  68.jpg
69/95 (C) T: Team Aqua Schemer           69.jpg
70/95 (C) T: Team Magma Schemer          70.jpg
71/95 (U) T: Archie                      71.jpg
72/95 (U) T: Dual Ball                   72.jpg
73/95 (U) T: Maxie                       73.jpg
74/95 (U) T: Strength Charm              74.jpg
75/95 (U) T: Team Aqua Ball              75.jpg
76/95 (U) T: Team Aqua Belt              76.jpg
77/95 (U) T: Team Aqua Conspirator       77.jpg
78/95 (U) T: Team Aqua Hideout           78.jpg
79/95 (U) T: Team Aqua T.M. 01           79.jpg
80/95 (U) T: Team Magma Ball             80.jpg
81/95 (U) T: Team Magma Belt             81.jpg
82/95 (U) T: Team Magma Conspirator      82.jpg
83/95 (U) T: Team Magma Hideout          83.jpg
84/95 (U) T: Team Magma T.M. 01          84.jpg
85/95 (U) T: Warp Point                  85.jpg
86/95 (U) E: Aqua Energy                 86.jpg
87/95 (U) E: Magma Energy                87.jpg
88/95 (U) E: Double Rainbow Energy       88.jpg
89/95 (H) Blaziken ex               (R)  89.jpg
90/95 (H) Cradily ex                (G)  90.jpg
91/95 (H) Entei ex                  (R)  91.jpg
92/95 (H) Raikou ex                 (L)  92.jpg
93/95 (H) Sceptile ex               (G)  93.jpg
94/95 (H) Suicune ex                (W)  94.jpg
95/95 (H) Swampert ex               (F)  95.jpg
96/95 (H) Absol                     (D)  96.jpg
97/95 (H) Jirachi                   (P)  97.jpg

Card Lists

scans: (Aggron) (Houndoom) (Sealeo) (Dusclops)
1 rare card (1 in 3 holofoil)
1 reverse holo card
2 uncommon cards
5 common cards
[NOTE: new in this set -- 3 EX per box only]
No theme deck information is currently avaliable.

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